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System Integration Expert

AVECTIS, ALC as the system integrator and the engineering company is present at the Belarusian market of 25 years. We develop projects and we implement complex telecommunication systems of different function:

  • automated process control systems;
  • audiovisual systems;
  • integrated engineering infrastructure;
  • data networks;
  • data processing and storage systems;
  • integrated security systems;
  • customer flow management systems;
  • interactive systems.

Our global purpose:

  • maximally automate and competently organize the customer's information space both at the level of engineering systems and reengineering of internal business processes and external interaction.

The Accumulated technical experience of the system integrator and constant improvement of the skills and skills of the AVECTIS team allow to solve the most difficult tasks facing our clients. Due to individual selection and development of complex automated solutions, which are suitable for you, we help to establish reliable, often energy efficient, stable and profitable work both on production sites and on Infrastructure facilities.

Embedded telecommunication systems built on high-tech intelligent platforms and modern equipment, promote the competitiveness of our customers and provide a decent level of service.

AVECTIS, ALC acts as an expert in its field, thanks to a wide range of engineering services, professionalism of specialists, positive feedback from partners and clients, active participation in the iconic industry events. Our competence can be trusted.





Implementation of comprehensive projects on automation of complex technological processes in power engineering, industry, production.


Integrated Security Systems

Construction of integrated security systems at state and security structures, transport, industrial and banking, education, housing and communal services.


Interactive Systems

Creation and modernization of broadcasting networks, systems of two-way park and loudspeaker communication and warning, civil defense alert systems of all levels.

Terrain Preparation

Customer Flow Management

Implementation of projects to automate the processes of servicing and managing customer flows, transport in various areas for simple and complex distributed systems.


Audiovisual Systems

Development and implementation of high-tech integrated audiovisual and multimedia systems for various purposes.


Engineering Infrastructure

Realization of projects on construction of engineering infrastructure systems, low-current cable systems and uninterrupted power supply.

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Pritytskogo Str., 156
220017, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Business center GREEN CITY

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