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Pritytskogo Str., 156

220017, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Business center GREEN CITY

Established in 1994

Number of employees exceeds 100

Quality management ISO 9001-2015

Direct partnership with over 30 vendors

More than 50 foreign partners

Over 500 projects realized


AVECTIS ALC is a highly qualified engineering company, a Belarusian developer and system integrator in the field of control automation, security and essential services for technological and infrastructure facilities.

The main effectiveness criterion for the company products is the experience of implementation and industrial practice.

Implementation of specialized projects employs domestic solutions and automation means, high-tech equipment and software from the world's leading manufacturers.

Main activities

Design and implementation of the following systems:

  • automated process control systems;
  • audiovisual systems;
  • integrated engineering infrastructure;
  • data networks;
  • data processing and storage systems;
  • integrated security systems;
  • customer flow management systems;
  • interactive systems.

Our competence:

  • ready-made projects;
  • work scalability;
  • various industry-specific solutions in the company's portfolio;
  • licensed activities.

Our advantages:

  • high quality of the designed and implemented systems in line with ISO 9001:2015;
  • direct supplies of reliable equipment from the world's leading manufacturers;
  • domestic software and equipment development under the AVECTIS brand for the industry solutions;
  • individual comprehensive approach to the solution of every single task;
  • repeated successful experience in the implementation of non-standard projects;
  • maintenance service of systems of any complexity;
  • professional customer support service;
  • flexible pricing.

AVECTIS ALC offers modern competitive solutions that significantly increase the efficiency of business processes and ensure quick return on investment.

The company's activity is based on the constant professionalism of the team, high quality of modern solutions, confirmed by numerous reviews, open and transparent customer relationship system, and long-term partnership with Belarusian and foreign companies.

AVECTIS is open for constructive dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation!

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Pritytskogo Str., 156
220017, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
Business center GREEN CITY

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